Paint, Scratch & Bumper Repair

Don't replace it...Just Renew It!

Paint, Scratch & Bumper Repair

These days, our cars and trucks are a part of our identity and who wants an ugly bumper? We do bumper repairs within hours, not days! You don’t have drive around with dents and scratches on your bumper.

Unlike traditional methods, we save you time, money and stress, since our mobile units come directly to your home or office. Our convenient process repairs your paint damage using top quality materials and paints that are used on Mercedes and BMW’s.

We can also repair paint scratches. Different types of paint damage take different repair procedures.

From scratches to dents, wet sanding to paint blends, we work whatever process saves you the most money! Most of our work is often over 50% -75% off of what a body shop charges. We’ll get your car looking new in no time!

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Paint & Bumper Repair

At Renew It, it's our job to save your ugly bumper!

Don't replace it...Just Renew It!

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